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What is SkHigh?

We would love to introduce ourselves to the cannabis community. We are SkHigh, a cannabis education company focused on sharing knowledge about the plant, the businesses associated with the plant, and the people who work in the industry. The state of Illinois legalized recreational use of cannabis on January 1, 2020. My business partners and I ( some of us are consumers, and some are non-consumers) saw this as an opportunity to change the narrative around something we loved so much. The question was, how do we get started?

We we're incubated by a Parent company ACC in 2021. We watched that company teach, recruit, and host tours all while organizing our own ideas to start a similar venture. With so many possibilities flooding our minds at once, we knew we had to narrow the immediate needs of the community to a few key issues. We found the following:

  1. New consumers are overdosing and therefore having a poor experience.

  2. African Americans with smaller startup funds are having a hard time breaking into the industry even though their products are amazing.

  3. Consumers are not aware of the detailed laws concerning cannabis use in Illinois.

  4. Cannabis still has a bad reputation among people who are ignorant of it's benefits.

SkHigh was awarded a Illinois Vendor training certification. Allowing us to give the required education to all those seeking work inside of the cannabis industry. We have catered our instruction to the needs of the community. We also host networking events where consumers, business owners, and perspective owners all have the opportunity to talk among each other looking for ways to grow their foots print in the community. We host a bi-weekly podcast talking to current industry leaders from all over the country. Our goal is to get cannabis back into the hands of the marginalized using community events and education. We look forward to teaching and working with your team. Come check us out.

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