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Why you should light one up on Valentines day.

For centuries people and cultures from all over the world have practiced the art of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Most users will admit that weed improves the quality of their sexual experiences. There is a history of cannabis being used to boost libido, and it has been used in tantric sex practices as well.

Cannabis has the ability to increase a person's response to their sensory receptors. Making touches, kisses, and everything else even more tantalizing. The body high that comes with Indica can produce a higher sense of stimulation. But hey finding the strain that works for you and yours is somewhat of a journey, one you'll both enjoy. One of SkHigh's favorite sexy strains is Sour Diesel.

Our couples Infusion course is a romantic way to start off the holiday. Learn how to infuse with your significant other.

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